Mother’s Day

IMG_7182Last night my younger son had his final band concert of middle school.  He will be going to high school in the fall.  My older son met us there because he was just getting back from a golf match.  Yes, he is driving!  The past couple of weeks, I have had these moments of pause because life rolls along and all of a sudden it happens, you have a son who drives and a family who is growing and thriving but you panic a little because you hope you are savoring the moment.  Motherhood is full of surprising things, but what has stopped me in my tracks as of late has been my awe of what enjoyable young men we are raising.  After the concert we went to dinner as a family.  The boys drove in one car and Gary and I in the other.  The meal was delicious but most importantly we pressed paused for a moment to enjoy and savor our life as a family that is growing up and changing.  While I will spend time this Mother’s Day weekend at a baseball tournament, I hope to press pause at least a few times and savor this life of being a mama to my two boys who still know how to press all my buttons but who most importantly are becoming great human beings!

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